Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet baby boy of mine

I have been a horrible blogger. I really really wanted to catch up before I had my baby but ran out of time :/
Oh well, on to more important things, like March 5th when we got to welcome the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen into this world. I am completely in love and can't express the way my heart melts everytime I look at my son. My poor husband thinks he has been replaced, which maybe slightly?? No I'm kidding, I am in love all over again though, he looks just like my husband and is so calm just like him too. So just do you know where I have been, I've been holding my precious boy. I also take back all the times I said a bond between a mother and her son is kinda weird because now I know. I know and I understand and I feel like the most blessed mother on the planet. My heart might explode :)

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